Claire Snowdon-Darling and Laura Knowles are experts in Alternative Health and Women’s Transformation. They are catalysts for change and their work around their deep passion the #emotionhealthconnection has supported literally hundreds of women rise up and reclaim their lives and become empowered to be truly themselves, creating happier marriages, fulfilling work and more authentic connections with their loved ones and with themselves.

Claire and Laura work in a totally unique way, combining their unmatched experience of working with Alternative Health techniques, using proven protocols to really ensure you get to the root cause of your symptoms, combined with emotional transformation techniques that provide you with the tools to move forward and step into your full potential, this is combined with lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, leaving no stone unturned to ensure radical positive change is achieved.  These skills combined with their vast experience in mentoring create a framework for complete and holistic transformation where you are supported every step of the way to achieve the life you have always dreamed of.

“This work was completely life changing”

If you are ready, really ready, to clear the emotional blocks that are stopping you from being the person that you truly want to be then this is the programme for you.